UPDATES 2016 – 2017


Hello folks

Gamelan is still going strong and had lots of outings and workshops this last year:

Sonophilia at the DrillHall
World Hello Day
A Workshop for Bishop G Uni Students
Diversity Day
Gainsborough Community Festival

and more ….

photos to follow …. Have a good Summer and see you soon


Boston Market Square, Community Activity Day, Friday 12th August 2016


Lincoln Community Gamelan was invited to deliver a day of workshops in Boston’s beautiful Market Square. The majestic St Botolphs Church towered beside us as 400 people of all ages and from all walks of life took turns together throughout the day, learning simple Javanese tunes as well as improvising. Many people enjoyed sitting on deckchairs simply watching.

A fantastic experience bringing people together on a lovely tropical summer’s day!

Gamelan Update December 2015


Hello everyone. Here’s a brief overview of the last year! After a successful stay at Beech House (where 3 different groups experienced Gamelan over the eighteen months) the instruments moved to temporary storage on the top floor of Chad Varah House.

During the time at Beech House Gamelan also went out on one mental health hospital visit and two school visits, plus three community events. All these workshops delivered on purely goodwill basis.

Access at Chad Varah was very difficult but enormous goodwill of University Technical College (Lincoln UTC) was involved – a willing team of heavy metal helpers (year 12 just before Exams …) lifted the Gamelan up three flights of stairs!!! And they didn’t even know that they would be subsequently rewarded with a big box of chocolate bars.

We are now stored at Croft Street Community Centre, again with enormous goodwill from the team there.

Workshops are given on almost weekly basis to groups already using the Community Centre, in spite of my having badly fractured left hand/wrist to the extent of setting off metal detection devices ….